This summer, in the middle of NYC heat wave, 9 photographers from around the globe showcased their work at the SVA Flatiron Gallery in Chelsea.

My project “Still life with single girl” is a series of studied self-portraits kept in painterly aesthetic of Dutch masters. It’s a visual tale about the moments of singlehood and how sometimes, the simplest life actions are the most challenging, depending on our state of mind. In the era of an instantaneous selfie, this series of elaborated slow portraiture advocates for balance and being choiceful. What we do and how we live is also entirely up to our individual selves and it is a choice to which extent we want to engage into society, social pressure or progress.


SINGAPORE ARTBOOK FAIR 28-30th June 2019 by Magdalena Gacek


THE MANSION is a project I lead in my living space in Singapore called Newton Mansion -  continuously since late 2017. Having struggled with adapting to large metropolis life duress, I have reclaimed peace by interacting with this peaceful habitat. 

Mansions are Singapore’s 4-storey blocks of houses on the verge of extinction. Lack of space on the island poses direct threat to the houses that are smaller and older. Even 30 years is considered old for such a building and they are being taken down regularly and rapidly. Many Mansions were demolished in the recent months, even if they carry significant community and heritage value. 

The narrative of the book is built around the text of the Mansion housing contract from 1970’ (still in use) and accompanied by the analog and digital photographs. 

The contract used at Mansions is a very old-fashioned document, phrased in a language rarely used anymore. In combination with the contemplative photography it becomes poetic, meditative and soothing. The contract content prioritizes the comfort of the residents in almost every paragraph - approach unheard of in the context of modern real estate.

The book is constructed in a way, that the reader can shift, mix and match the pages and build their own story. I would like to allow this instead of connecting the pages into a classic stitched book. It encourages the adaptation process visualization through composing own book sequence, and reflects on our own adaptability.